I want to try out the bitcoin hype

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A asked 1 year ago

Hi, I want to try out the bitcoin hype, but on a strict budget and new to all of this. Would $50 USD even be worth it to buy and then hold in a wallet in hopes it goes up? If bitcoin sky rockets 1000 times more in 2018, can my 50 jump to like 200 or more in my wallet? Thx

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Steven Hay answered 1 year ago

Hi A,
$50 is enough to buy a small portion of Bitcoin, yes. You can buy fractional amounts. I believe at the current price of $17000 or so, $50 should get you about 0.00294 BTC. Check out our the Buy Bitcoin tab or the our Exchange Review page to find a good way of buying:

2018’s Best Bitcoin Exchanges – Bitcoin exchange comparison & review

I think $50 is enough to get you familiar with how Bitcoin works. You should get a wallet and store the bitcoins there, see our Wallet Reviews tab for advice on that.
I can’t really say where price will be in future. I do think that learning how Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies work will always be a wise investment of time and energy however.

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