Hi I am so very eager to……

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Kassie Thweatt asked 1 year ago

Hi There!
Thank you for this SITE. Just found it today!!
I am wondering if you may give me such advise on how to start out earning FREE bitcoin-
I am a single MAMA without any EXTRA money for the time being!
I am constantly looking for a way- I am daily doing Bitcoin Faucets and more of the sort. Would LOVE what you think of that. And do you belong to any NEW affiliate Site that you think will be a hit ( and does not cost to sign up) . I am really really interested in this Wonderful Binary Currency. I have a (lame) Google Plus page or 2 and a Facebook account as well. I am just starting out. However, I am an affiliate to hundreds of internet marketing sites- So If you have any advice in return for anything I can share I will be So Happy!
I live Miami( missed the convention) – I am no master with computers but I was not born yesterday as well.
Thank You in advance for any of your Time-
Kassie Thweatt

1 Answers
Zsofia Elek answered 1 year ago

Hi Kassie,
It is good to see your enthusiams towards Bitcoin. You can also join our 99Bitcoins Faucet, or you can even start your own faucet, using our free Bitcoin Faucet WordPress plugin.  
If you are looking for affiliate programs, here you can find a list of businesses which run affiliate programs that you can join.

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