Hi guys, I’m located in Switzerland, and I wanna invest into coins miner…?

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersCategory: QuestionsHi guys, I’m located in Switzerland, and I wanna invest into coins miner…?
Sandro Guttman asked 3 years ago

Hello, I ‘m really reading everyday the evolution into coins hardwares miners…Lost of people talks about Antminer S9 or Avalon….My question is don’t you think that i should wait for the next evolution of hardwares miners?And if I should start mining right now, which coin is the most profitable, Bitcoin?Litcoin?Xmonero?Zcash?Eutherum?
If someones knows a bit more about thehardware’s future evolution, that’ll be in the market soon, could you tell me when, and if we don’t have to just forget about bitcoin mining as difficulty is increasing everyday lots…It’ll end up by beeing impossible to calculate a block, that spending on devices like Antminer S9 are just a lost of time and money..
Bets regards

1 Answers
Ofir Beigel answered 3 years ago

Hello Sandro,
first of all I suggest you read this article about Bitcoin mining profitability. Regarding the evolution of miners, we are now at a point where it will take more time between new versions of miners (for Bitcoin at least) to come out. So I’m not sure how long we will need to wait before the next generation miner is available.
Like you stated you can of course mine other coins. I suggest you take a look at this site which shows you different mining calculator and will allow you to decide on a better alternative perhaps to Bitcoin.

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