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Gr33tingsFromMidnight asked 1 year ago

Is there any reliable source that can basically purchase and trade and deposit my cryptos for me for a small fee??? I have so many different Altcoins that i want to purchase and ICO’s i want to be a part of but honestly, I’m overwhelmed and scared that I’m going to do something wrong in the process & i just need someone to help me do it a couple times so i can get the hang of the process etc. Thank you !

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Steven Hay answered 1 year ago

Hi Gr33tingsFromMidnight,
If you don’t have a suitable family member or friend you’d trust with your life, then I don’t recommend this approach at all.
I suggest taking things slowly. There are way too many coins out there, all are complex and promise the moon, so I can understand why you’re overwhelmed. The key is to focus. Start with buying a small amount of Bitcoin and learn to store it securely – see our Wallet Reviews section for help. Our other sections will offer plenty of help for other aspects too… Experiment with sending the Bitcoin around and learning about the practical details, such as transaction fees, confirmations, block times and so on.
From there, you can slowly branch out into altcoins and ICOs… Do keep in mind that Bitcoin has the best chance at mainstream success and that other coins / tokens are a lot riskier. Keep playing with small amounts until you’ve buil up your knowledge and confidence.
While you’re still learning with minor amounts, if you do make a mistake, that’s ok. The small monetary loss will ensure that you learn from the experience! If instead you get someone to do this stuff for you and they end up scamming you (highly likely if they’re someone you’ve just met over the internet) then you won’t learn anything useful about using crypto.
There aren’t really shortcuts for this stuff. It takes time to learn and get experience but the journey is half the fun!

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