Hawaii sucks…

mo asked 12 months ago

Live in Hawaii, is there any good/reputable exchange to start off buying bitcoin (starting with fiat). If not, is there a legitimate/painless workaround? Thanks

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 12 months ago

Hey Mo,
Yeah, a number of people from Hawaii have asked about how to get Bitcoin in that state. The problem is that certain legislation passed there makes it difficult for big exchanges like Coinbase to operate in your state, so they stopped doing so.
What I usually suggest is to check out LocalBitcoins.com – this is a decentralised exchange which puts you in touch with other individuals looking to trade Bitcoin. You’ll be able to find people in Hawaii who’ll sell you Bitcoin for cash or people across the USA who’ll sell it for bank transfers or some other payment method. LocalBitcoins will take care of your trade so that it’s secure. You’ll pay a little more than you would on Coinbase but you’ll get better privacy – most sellers won’t require you to verify your identity like the big exchanges do.
I’ve heard about some big, reliable exchanges which do work for Hawaii. Try Kraken.com, ItBit.com (both US-based) and BitStamp.net (European).

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