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JAMES SELLICK asked 1 year ago

hELLO!  I had some BTC on my computer running a full node for about a year.  A few months ago, a notice appeared on my screen saying that some alarm was no longer valid and to get the updated version of the BTC program at Bitcoin Core.  I looked up the problem and the info I found said it was inconsequential and that an instant update was not necessary.  I knew about the fork that was coming and decided to wait until after August 1st to download a new version.
Meanwhile, a few weeks ago, I began selling BTC to get into some different coins.  I got my BTC total down to .50BTC.   And then i decided to spend that at the Bittrex Exchange.  So, their reciving address 13fR4PFe41nd7qWVTgBDLENvBkXbBGmdLG was sent .5 BTC early on 7/7/2017.  This emptied my wallet, so, knowing I had a while to do my update, I uninstalled the Bitcoin Core program using the built-in uninstaller.  I totally removed all traces of the program on my computer.  I kept a few wallet back-ups on USB drives.
After updating my windows computer, and cleaning up and tuning up the HD,  I noticed that Bittrex never received my half-BTC.  Even after a week.  Now it has been a month.  It never showed up there.  I didn’t panic because from what I understood, the blockchain would sort it all out.  But  I was getting a litttle impatient, so I went to get an updated version of the main program the other day.  Long story short: Every version (Core, classic, Cash, etc.) since August 1, 2017 loads and immediately says there is a fatal internal error, check the error log file which is inaccessible because the program goes into automatic shut-down,
Question one:  Do you have a link for a program for a 32-bit Windows box?
Question 2:  Assuming I cannot get the main program to run, how can i check my old wallet to see if the coin was returned to it, as one person has said might have occurred if nobody wanted to confirm it for the fee chosen?

1 Answers
Ofir Beigel answered 1 year ago

Hey James, thanks for the detailed question.
I have to say that honestly this is out of my technical scope. I suggest asking this in BitcoinTalk as there are much more qualified people that can help you out there. Regarding how you can see if your coins were returned I guess you’ll need to import your old wallet from a backup and take a look at the sending address to see what happened with the transaction.
However I strongly advise that you consult with someone who has a strong technical background.

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