Hash rate keeps dropping

rohit asked 11 months ago

Hi Steven,
My this new Antiminer S9 13.5 ths hashing power keeps dropping, everytime i check my slushpool account its a different figure for hashing power,
what could be the reason ?
is it due to my internet speed fluctuation ?
only once i have seen it touching 13 ths otherwise it keep dipping to 3-4 thc or even low
what should i do ?


1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 11 months ago

Hi Rohit,
It’s probably not due to your internet speed, unless that’s really low. How long did / does it take you to sync the Bitcoin blockchain? If the whole thing takes under a week, your internet speed is probably fine.
One thing I can recommend is either using the Antminer monitoring software or installing this third party software:
It’s open source so I assume it’s safe, but you should run the relevant checks through VirusTotal.com and any other scanners you use. I can’t vouch for the software as I haven’t used it, but it looks good. It should give you accurate reporting on your hashrate, whereas Slushpool’s might be inaccurate for various reasons.
Once you can monitor your miner in detail and in real time, then you should check out Bitmain’s own guide to diagnosing problems which can result in dipping hashrates:
Hopefully this will help you to troubleshoot the problem, as it could be caused by numerous things… Another possibility is that the unit is not getting enough power. Did you get the Antminer power supply or another one which you know to have excess capacity for the S9? If not, then an old (PSUs lose efficiency over time) or underpowered PSU could be the issue.
Further options include damaged or faulty chips or heatsinks. Good luck and let me know what you discover.

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