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Helen Swift asked 2 years ago

Last updated on April 30th, 2018 at 02:21 pm

I stupidly sent $200 in bitcoin to 1 of those high yield investment scams…well ,I’m assuming it’s a scam….says $50 min deposit,but when I deposited it showed in my account,then my ‘earnings’ showed there too just like they said they would,but when I tried to withdraw some of it,nothing happened.

I wanted to reinvest the majority of it but couldn’t do that either.i emailed them,they replied telling me I had to make another deposit of the same amount to activate the system and then I can withdraw.having to to redeposit was NOT mentioned on the site at all…so I guess I got scammed…surely if it was legit it would have stated on the site that u need to redeposit??’

Big newbie f*** up…my bad ???? I can still access my account….it’s still showing my $200 plus my alleged earnings….is there any way at all of getting my deposit back? Not sure if I’m allowed to put the name of the site/company so I won’t unless u say it’s ok ????

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Liane christensen replied 4 months ago

Danmark -dansk

Steven Hay replied 4 months ago

Hi Ryan,

Sorry to hear. I’ve never heard of that group and I don’t see them accepting money either. They appear to be angel investors?

ryan milner replied 4 months ago

I have been scammed I feel. wondering if anyone had heard of Morgan investments

Jay replied 4 months ago

Do not trust Bernard Russell (@crytoinvest_matrix) on instagram. He scammed me out of $600.

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Ofir Beigel answered 2 years ago

Hey Helen, very sorry to hear about this.
Unfortunately Bitcoin is like cash – once you give it out it doesn’t belong to you anymore and there’s no way to retrieve it. Feel free to mention the company name here. Also, next time I suggest reading this post in order to avoid using scam sites:

The Bitcoin Scam Test – 10 Tools to Determine if a Bitcoin Business is Legit

Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help. 

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Nicole answered 4 months ago

Last updated on May 19th, 2018 at 06:28 pm

Let me tell you a saying.
“Bears get rich. Bulls get rich. Pigs get poor.”
A bear is someone who believes the market will do poorly. They invest in bonds, safe stocks and find ways to bet against the market. They make money because they play it safe.
Bulls are optimist. They invest in stocks and believe in them. They notice that the market goes up and down so they buy stock they believe in and stick it out. Inevitably the market goes down and then it picks back up. Bulls get rich because the market has an upward trend.
A pig is an emotional, wannabe opportunist. They see that the market is doing well so they buy. The market starts to do bad so they panic and sell. The objective to investing is buying low and selling high. Pigs do the opposite they buy high and sell low.
Bit Coin
Bit Coin is a market for bulls. If you don’t understand it and believe in it why are you buying it!? If you are a bear stay out of this market; it’s too new.
So here is my advice if you are a bear get out and stay out. Or be a bull and stay in. As a matter of fact this is a great time to purchase bit coin! Sell now and curse yourself when it goes back up in price.

Helen answered 2 years ago

Thank u…yeh i figured that was the case…just so mad at myself for being so dumb ????  was hoping there was something I could threaten them with,like some kind of watchdog organisation that could step in and investigate or something but I guess that’s impossible to do…ah well,learned my lesson the hard way ????thank u Ofir for taking the time to reply ???? I’ve learned a lot from this site thank u ???? oh yeh,the name of the company is PROBTC.LIMITED ????

Jay answered 5 months ago

Guys I just got scammed by an Instagram for bitcoin similar to your stories- did you get your money back? If so can you please let me know how I can get my money back?
to make matters worse, this was a family members money who has cancer…
anything you can tell me will I’ll be appreciated!
thank you,

Fez answered 4 months ago SCAM ALERT
Recently joined Hourtrust. after 24 hours when I want to make a withdrawal, the withdrawal is pending now for 3 days. do not invest with Hourtrust. They are SCAM. Yes as mentioned above they ask you to reinvesr the same amount again to release the full funds.
Also dont believe all HYIP monitor sites.  They get a commission so they will always show a HYIP program as paying.

Raj answered 4 months ago

Guys , I made lot of mistakes in mining companies when I started in Crypto investments in beginning of 2017..
Lost 1 BTC is scam called
1.4 BTC in scam called
Finally I am now happy with whatever is left & thanks to big appreciation in BTC , I am at peace now

Lisa answered 4 months ago

I stupidly believed the scammer behind a craigslist post, claiming to be able to hack phones and recover deleted voicemails. This person then proceeded to threaten me so I caved and sent them $200 in bitcoin. As soon as they received the transfer, they went into radio silence. I want my funds back and I want to make them pay!

Man answered 4 months ago

Last updated on May 19th, 2018 at 06:29 pm




THEY GET MONEY AND zero your wallet they are thieves WARNING.

sheldon8998 answered 2 months ago

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cybercadet answered 2 months ago

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