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Sherry asked 9 months ago

I had my wallet on my lap top. I didn’t upgrade to Windows 10 for a reason. Window went ahead and tried to do it for me.mistake
During this fiasco slot of my stuff was just gone. Now I’m not sure where to go to get my wallet back it seems I have a meme and that’s about it. What do I do?

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 9 months ago

Hey Sherry,
Sorry to hear. Windows 10 auto-installing itself has been a problem for a lot of people, pretty terrible idea from Microsoft.
I suggest you check out these threads on the issue to start:

Column: Windows 10 upgrade deleted my files

If you don’t have any luck, try searching further. My hunch is that your bitcoins are probably still around on your hard drive somewhere. If you’re using Bitcoin Core, then you’re looking for the “wallet.dat” file.
If you do find them, please do a proper backup next time to prevent this kind of thing.

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