Getting Bitcoins form Cloudbet

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersGetting Bitcoins form Cloudbet
Joseph asked 12 months ago

What do you think of Is it a good betting site? Are they trusted to release funds to clients when they win bets?

1 Answers
Ofir Beigel answered 12 months ago

Hey Joseph how are you?
I haven’t used Cloudbet personally but from what I’ve gathered they are a trustworthy company. I don’t use betting sites that much so I can’t say if they are “a good betting site” like you state. Also, if you’re going to read reviews online make sure that they are unbiased and are not getting an affiliate commission from the site in order to get an honest opinion.
The way to do that is to look at the link to the site – if it’s not just a clean link (i.e. but has some weird additions to it, it could be an affiliate link.

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