Generous tip for whoever can solve my wallet problem

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Michael asked 1 year ago

I am new to the crypto world and I need your help please… My situation is challenging so I will try to simplify it in the following points:

1- I have installed “Bitcoin ABC” and “Knots” on the same computer
2- Transferred bitcoin to the “knots” and bitcoin cash to “bitcoin ABC” from internet trading website.
3- The transfer went smooth and I saw the coins (although they were mixed up in type.. for example it showed bitcoin cash coins as bitcoins)
4- Hearing about an easy way to store bitcoin, I installed Electrum also on the same computer by creating a standard wallet (for some reason now I realised it is a multi-sig wallet, even though I am sure I did not create it this way)
5- I obtained the private key that has the bitcoin from “Knots” and swapped it in Electrum
6- When I saw the bitcoin in my electrum I thought that this will enable me to send it at anytime using electrum so I deleted the “knots”
7- Now I have:
a) Electrum wallet it is called 2_of_2 but I cannot find the 1_of_1 wallet (if I will need it to send the bitcoin)
b) I have full access to this electrum wallet so I managed to get the private key, address that has the coin and the transaction details. However, I cannot send the coin anywhere since it is watch only wallet
c) Also have full access to the knots wallet

Can anyone help please? I am more than happy to send a generous tip in return if I got my bitcoin


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Steven Hay answered 1 year ago

Hi Michael,
OK, you say you have the private key of your current Electrum (and previous Knots) wallet? That should be sufficient to claim your bitcoins. Make sure you create a reliable backup of that privkey before proceeding. Also backup your current Electrum wallet password (if you set one).
If you’re not on Windows 7 or 8, I suggest downloading the latest version of Electrum (3.0). If you are on Win 7 / 8, either get the 2.9.x version or wait for 3.1 – there’s a bug which prevents Electrum 3.0 from running on those operating systems.
Now simply create a new wallet wallet in Electrum and restore from your seed. Here are the steps:

  1. From the “File” tab, select “New / Restore”
  2. Enter a good name for your new wallet, something to distinguish it from the old, watch-only wallet
  3. Select “Standard wallet”
  4. Select “I already have a seed”
  5. Enter your recorded wallet seed and click next.
  6. You can set a password if you want. Make sure to record it accurately and store it safely!

If this works out for you – and I can’t see why it won’t – you can tip me here:

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