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Divinity asked 2 years ago

Whats is the future and predictions of ripple and stratis in next three months to these time

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Steven Hay answered 2 years ago

Hey Divinity,
Well, that’s a really hard question. Personally, I think Ripple is a centralized, pre-mined scam so I avoid it. You can check out Tone Vays’ Cryptoscam episode dedicated on Ripple, with Peter Todd as a guest, for further details on why I distrust Ripple.
That said, Ripple seems to be doing pretty well lately. Some positive bank-related news perhaps? I don’t really follow Ripple so I’m not sure of the reason. In 3 months it could do anything. Still, my belief is that Ripple is best left to the banks and avoided by the people; this is Ripple’s chosen direction so good luck to them.
Stratis I’ve never heard of before. It’s a blockchain that helps you build and test blockchains? I don’t get it… Not familiar with the tech or concepts here, so can’t make any solid predictions on Stratis.
I see from its price chart that it had a big old pump which peaked in June of this year and has been in a bear market since… Hard to say when it will find a bottom and start heading up again, without knowing much about the coin. I’d say wait for clear signals of a bottom on the weekly and daily charts before taking a small position. These signals could be in the form of a price pattern or indicator, such as a MACD cross. If it becomes obviously bullish, that would be the time to scale in. Of course, that’s a technical perspective only. I’d advise you to stay out of it unless you have good fundamental reasons for wanting to be in it.

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