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Avadhoot asked 1 year ago

I am a newbee in crypto world and have started with coinbase wallet. I was wondering which wallet would be best for depositing funds from my banks to the digital wallet so that I can do faster trading. As of Dec 2017, coinbase takes a week of time to reflect the funds from my savings bank to digital wallet. So for a week I cant do any trading and as you see time is of essence these days.
Which wallet would you recommend for faster deposit. Recently came across a wallet called ABRA. They claim that in 2 days the funds will get in from my bank. Any reviews of that wallet or any other wallet?
Thanks in advance for help.

2 Answers
Steven Hay answered 1 year ago

Hi Avadhoot,
Well, Bitcoin wallets can’t send fiat funds. You can only send fiat to Coinbase via methods like bank transfer, credit card, bank wire and so on. The options vary depending on your location. I think credit cards are the fastest method but have the highest fees.
There are faster ways to buy Bitcoin, like buying it for cash via someone you met on or from a Bitcoin ATM.

venurocky replied 1 year ago

where do i find bitcoin ATM in USA?
And buying bitcoin for cash via someone in is safe or secure?
If its safe how do they process and what are other best websites for buying bitcoin for cash online?

Thanks in advance!

venurocky answered 1 year ago

@steven Hay Where do i find bitcoin ATM in USA?
You said buy bitcoin from is it safe and secure?
If it is secure what are other popular and safe websites that we can buy with cash?

Thanks in advance!

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