Exchange with low fees

Michael asked 1 year ago

Please could you suggest a verified Exchanger i could buy from that accepts wire transfer/WU/MG and has the lowest fees.I am from south africa so must accept all countries

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 1 year ago

Howzit Michael,
I suggest using – they’re the most popular and longest running South African exchange. Their fees aren’t too bad at all. R8 to withdraw, some small Bitcoin amount to deposit and 0% trading fees if you’re the maker (ie. you put in an offer which someone else takes). Remeber to use their trading exchange and not their quick-buy feature on the main page, as I believe that costs more.
It’s better to use a local exchange as that will save you a lot on wire transfer fees. Other options besides Luno are or – you can also try as there are quite a few individuals trading Bitcoin in SA.

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