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Maroun Kreidy asked 1 year ago

Hello Gentlemen,
Please could you suggest a verified Exchange I could buy from (and cash out) that accepts wire transfer and has the lowest fees. I live in the Netherlands.
On top of that I’m searching for a wallet where I can exchange in between several cryptos. I found Jaxx but I don’t know how to cash out from there.
Any help is appreciated.
Thanks a lot,
Maroun Kreidy

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 1 year ago

Hey Maroun,
You have a lot of options! I would suggest BitStamp as probably the longest-running Bitcoin exchange with very low fees, lots of volume and low spreads on their exchange.
I wouldn’t really recommend Jaxx or any other multi-crypto wallet. All the ones I know of have closed source elements and, by supporting so many coins, their focus is diverted from security. Security of a wallet is really the most important consideration, and Jaxx has an existing vulnerability as far as I know. See our Jaxx review for more info:

Jaxx Wallet Review – An All Around Bitcoin Wallet

One good option for great wallet security is to get a hardware wallet (we review those too). The Ledger supports about 13 coins in total, the Trezor a bit less. All the Jaxx wallet does when you exchange between coins is use the site for you – it’s easy enough to convert this way yourself. Note that Jaxx / Shapeshift’s fees are more than you’ll pay on an exchange anyway. You can’t cash out from any wallet, only be selling to an exchange or individual.

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