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Rick asked 1 year ago

I have looked at many online mining profitability calculators and like yours the most. The one linked here https://99bitcoins.com/bitcoin-mining-calculator/
I want to make an excel spreadsheet with the formulas you used. Can you provide this information? I the reason I want to do this is because it would save me a lot of time. Currently I have to run this calculator on 10 to 20 different coins twice or three times a day to ensure my rigs are on the most profitable coin. I could pre-populate a lot of the data in Excel plus have a historical archive of coin data to make future decisions with. Any help would be appreciated.

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 1 year ago

Hi Rick,
Sounds like an interesting project! I’d recommend pulling in data from Blockchain.info’s API, which will have the necessary info like current price and difficulty.
See here for difficulty: https://blockchain.info/api/charts_api
And here for price: https://blockchain.info/api/exchange_rates_api
The other variables, like block reward and your power / hardware costs, shouldn’t need regular updates so they can be handled manually.
As for recording the data over time, you’ll probably need some kind of script for that. I have such a script I use for recording arbitrage data which might work for you, let me know if you get stuck on that part and I’ll send it to you.

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