Ever heard of ANONYMOUS BITCOIN MASTERCARD out of the UK ?

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersCategory: QuestionsEver heard of ANONYMOUS BITCOIN MASTERCARD out of the UK ?

Laura Wilson asked 12 months ago

The card cost me $35 in BTC. I purchased it and received my card in the mail (Colorado, USA) within 3 weeks. I transferred $150 in Bitcoin yesterday and it took about 24 hours for my balance to appear in my account on their website. Today, I tried to pay my cell phone bill (have been paying it with a variety of Visa and Mastercard debit cards for several years – one of my Mastercards is an international Mastercard from the UK and I have used it many times with no problems). Apparently, the Anonymous Bitcoin Mastercard is not recognised by my cell phone company (Cricket/AT&T). This has never happened with any card before. Just wondering if you had ever heard of ANONYMOUS BITCOIN MASTERCARD (anonymousbitcoincard.com). And Yes, I have already sent them an email notifying them that my card does not work. Thank you !

Davidpautt replied 12 months ago

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1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 12 months ago

Hi Laura,
I have never heard of it before. I performed a search on the BTCtalk forum and found a report from another user who ordered it but could not use it in their ATM:
Have you tried their website in our Bitcoin Scam Test?

The Bitcoin Scam Test

It appears to me to be a scam, based on your report and his… $35 to cover the cost of card creation and shipping, then the site keeps whatever amount you use to fund your card… Which is in fact just a printed piece of plastic with no functional banking component.
Sorry if it turns out to be a scam but at least you didn’t put a great deal of money into it. One has to write such things off as “school fees” sometimes, although if you can report or legally pursue this company then you should do so.

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