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Nick asked 11 months ago

Hi Ofir,
I am new to faucets and referrals! Late to the show as they say!

That’s a great instruction manual you have given us. Before I put the effort into setting it up, I’d be very grateful if you could answer a few questions, to start me on te right track.

Now I have an events listings website and I’m looking to grow awareness of each of the events. Each event has it’s own unique URL.

I have several questions I hope you expertise can help me with:

I would like to incentivise visitors to my website to to Retweet sponsored events and get paid in Bitcoin

1. Is there a WordPress Faucet Plugin that I can add that will do this?

2. Is there a platform I could use to collect money from sponsors based on the number of Retweets?

3. How can I defend against bots?

4. Should I appraoch this in a completely different manner?

Many thanks in advance,

1 Answers
Ofir Beigel answered 11 months ago

that’s a great idea but unfortunately I’m not sure how to implement it. I’m sure you can probably get a developer to create such a “sharing faucet” for you. Regarding bots, it’s a very tricky subject, each faucet has its own way of dealing with them and you will never be able to abolish them completely.
Our faucet WP plugin has some built-in mechanism for dealing with them that you can use. Regarding your approach, you’re basically venturing into unknown territory so I guess there’s not much to do other than trial an error.
Sorry I couldn’t help out more.

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