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msmachado asked 11 months ago

I have sent ethereum to an ICO, but the transation went out of gas “ Warning! Error encountered during contract execution [Out of gas] “
I have saw some suggestions to send another transation with 0 to the same address to cancel the first transation, now I have 2 transations out of gas (I was a genius on this one!)
if I go to, the transation status is ” Transaction Found” and there is no option bellow to cancel it
My question is, if I do nothing, do you think the transation will be cancel at some point in time and the funds return to my wallet? is there anything I can do?
Thank  you,

2 Answers
Steven Hay answered 11 months ago

Hi msmachado,
As far as I understand, if the transaction failed due to insufficient gas, then the transaction never happened as it wasn’t included in the Ethereum blockchain. So the ETH you sent should be still in your wallet? How long has it been since this transaction failed? Do you see the ETH returned to your wallet?

msmachado answered 11 months ago

Hi Steven,
The transaction was on 28-02-2018, I can see the negative transaction, but I do not see any reversed transaction, am I supposed to see the same value but in positive (green)?
I do not see it return in my wallet, that is the problem, and the value was indeed deducted from my balance.

Steven Hay replied 11 months ago

Hey Msmachado,

Apologies or only replying now, somehow I didn’t get a notification of your response earlier.

Do you have the transaction ID (txid) for this particular transaction? Your wallet should display it, although you may have to double / right-click the transaction to see it. If I have a txid, I can perhaps figure out what has happened here…

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