Etherdelta & Idex Exchages

Kai asked 1 year ago


I need your opinion about those 2 exchanges (etherdelta &

I found there is a good chance to buy token which you have missed the ICO etc.

I have a Ledger nano wallet, but they seems to me not too good, my plan is to buy that token from there and transfer it immediatly to my etherwallet. what is your openion about those 2 exchanges ( sure its not a finacial advice etc. :0))


1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 1 year ago

Hi Kai,
Well, I’m not really an Ethereum or ICO guy so I’ve never used either of those exchanges. If the ICO has ended, shouldn’t the tokens be freely tradeable in the markets? Why would you want ICO tokens if the real tokens are available? Honestly, trading on these really complicated Ethereum contract exchanges seems very risky to me.

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