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Dave Yale asked 10 months ago

I have a coinbase account. How can I change my email address and still use that account? Or do I have to transfer everything out, and start a new account with a new address? Thanks for your help.

3 Answers
Ofir Beigel answered 10 months ago

from what I’ve managed to gather you can go to “Your profile” -> “Settings” and you’ll be able to change your email address.

david yale replied 10 months ago

When i tried that i kept getting an message the “new” email was in use. (???) Thanks-

Ofir Beigel answered 10 months ago

Well perhaps if you can post a screenshot (without any sensitive information) that would be heplful, but I really think the best way to go would be to contact Coinbase support. They take a lot of time to respond but eventually they do respond.

david yale answered 10 months ago

Will try that.  What is the best contact address?  Thanks for your help!

Ofir Beigel replied 10 months ago

Take a look at this page for Coinbase’s contact info:

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