Jason Joseph asked 2 years ago

If i put money in an account given to me. 1200 by ebay &then eBay calls me &said i put the money in wrong account. What do i do next?

fokilpt replied 2 years ago

Hey Jason, if you have money to spend on eBay, at an 85 to 90% rate (depending on how much you buy) I can sell you an “item” it will be a digital item though with no tracking so you can not dispute the transaction and get your money back. But I can send you BTC for eBay/PayPal money easily.

I have over 500 feedback on my eBay account with 0 negative and 1 neutral.

Just contact me at my gmail i typed it in but if you cant see it, its just my name on here with @gmail.com at the end.

Happy to help!

Ofir Beigel replied 2 years ago

I still don’t understand – you are trying to sell a car or trying to buy a car?

Jason replied 2 years ago

Need to get to bitcoins

Jason replied 2 years ago

No i was saying thay a car seller used your bitcoins servivce. But cant get the money out of the account that i sent it too’

Ofir Beigel replied 2 years ago

Hey Jason I’m not sure I understand your question – did you put Bitcoin in any account? eBay doesn’t accept Bitcoin as a currency at the moment. Please clarify

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