eager to get coins off exchange into nano s but can’t…

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersCategory: General questionseager to get coins off exchange into nano s but can’t…

Karen asked 1 year ago

I have nano s – I tried 20x to add bitcoin and ethereum apps to laptop and
then interface (forgive me but I’m totally new to all of this) – with nano but
nothing happens – the nano just is stuck on the bitcoin/ethereum screen –
no one adequately explains how to move from private address (which I only discovered accidentally on coinbase) via the ledger manager program (do you need this?) into the nano – if I ever succeed I don’t even know how I will then get the coins off the nano to eventually sell (i am doing this for investment reasons)…. so is there anywhere I can physically meet with someone TRUSTWORTHLY to get my coins off the exchange??? Please HELP…

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 1 year ago

Hi Karen,
I don’t quite follow what your problem is exactly. Did you follow the instructions on the Ledger site for setting up your Ledger wallets? You need to add them as plug-ins to the Chrome browser. You should then be able to plug in your Nano S and access the relevant wallets. Once in the wallet, you should see your receiving addresses to use when withdrawing coins from Coinbase…
Could you please explain at exactly which point you’re getting stuck when trying to run the Nano S wallets?

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