rohit asked 1 year ago

is this the ligit site to but dragonmint machines

Announcing the DragonMint miner series

have you used dragonmint machines or seen it working as not many prototypes are available in the market and the first batch will be coming out in March or so.


1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 1 year ago

Hi Rohit,
Yes, I believe that is the correct site. I haven’t used one or seen them working, no. However, I believe that Adam Back (quoted in Satoshi’s whitepaper for his work on Hashcash and the CEO of Blocksteam) has seen them and vouched for their legitimacy. Further, btcdrak, a longtime Bitcoin developer, is deeply involved in the company.
If I was into mining, I’d probably feel comfortable enough to order 1 DragonMint miner based on the above facts but I don’t know about their minimum order of 5! That’s quite a lot of money and things can go wrong… I guess we’ll see soon but I’m really hoping that DragonMint and other firms will rise to challenge Bitmain’s monopoly on mining.

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