doublebitcoin scam or legit

paul asked 1 year ago

pls is doublebitcoin in 24 hours scan orlegit

2 Answers
Zsofia Elek answered 1 year ago

Hi Paul, 
From what I see from their site, they promise to double your coins in 24 hours, which is too good to be true, so it is possibly a scam. But of course I can’t know for sure.  
If you’re looking for sites that multiply your Bitcoins or give you exceptionally high yield on them (also known as HYIPs), I strongly suggest staying away from them as they are usually scams. If you are in doubt, I suggest you to use the Bitcoin Scam Test tool and draw your own conclusion based on the results.

eedolf answered 10 months ago

I think 99 bitcoins is also a scam,my bitcoin adress has been changed,and can’t change it back,if you don’t notice…you click for somebody else. No thanks.

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