Don’t sure do I have a fake ledger nano s or not?

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersCategory: General questionsDon’t sure do I have a fake ledger nano s or not?

Kai asked 12 months ago

don’t sure do I have a fake ledger nano s or not?
I have bought my ledger nano s from ebay because from the company said first at begin of april etc. and now I saw some videos on youtube about probelms with ledeger nano from ebay and amazon.
So what can I do to be 100% sure before I send my token to that ledegr nano.
is that the best way:
Doing a reset by entering the wrong pin 3 times, and creating a new wallet. That will create a new 24 word key. Just incase someone wrote down your 24 word key before sending it.
And how can I chosse my 24 words?

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 12 months ago

Hi Kai,
Yes, I saw that story about the pre-configured Ledger bought from eBay (or wherever it was besides Ledger themselves). Those scam Ledgers came with a piece of paper giving the person their seed phrase – meaning the scammer had already initialised the device, written down the seed phrase for himself, and then sent the devices on, waiting for his victims to fund them… By monitoring the addresses (which he also knew from having setup the Ledger himself) he knew when the victims funded the devices. The scammer then simply used his own set of the privkeys to move the funds to a different wallet, under his sole control.
The way to avoid this is to ensure that the Ledger does not come pre-configured. Follow the setup instructions on the Ledger site. It will then generate its own privkeys during the initialisation process and give your the related seed phrase – you don’t create the seed phrase yourself, just write down whatever the Ledger generates.
It’s very unlikely that you’ll get scammed if you do things this way. If your Ledger arrives pre-configured with an existing seed phrase, then you’d probably want to reset it and generate a new seed phrase as the scammer won’t have that.

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