bigazwinner asked 3 years ago

Hello. I moved my bitcoin from Coinbase to a wallet at 12:01 August 1st. I heard that would provide a recovery tool for the bitcoin cash within their wallet. I have been issued a cash wallet, but it shows a balance of zero. My bitcoin wallet shows my funds, and my Bitcoin cash should have the same amount from what I hear, but it doesn’t. I emailed and got back a reply which seems to have no meaning to my situation. Here’s my email and’s response:
hi I have a wallet and I followed the tutorial how to get my btc cash after the hardfork. But in the lower left corner, instead of recovery tool, it says bitcoincash wallet and when I click I arrive at the other orange wallet and its got zero in it. I have funds in my btc wallet but they are not in my btccash. What do I do?
They replied:
Sharif (Bitmain) (
Aug 10, 15:20 CST

D3/L3+/S9 is sold out.

D3 will be available on 10th August 2017, 5PM Beijing time.

For S9 and L3+ currently we do not know exact dates when it will be available.

Now I have no idea if the above has some kind of bearing on my problem. I have no idea what they are talking about. Can you advise me how I can extract my bitcoin cash from my bitcoin? Thanks

1 Answers
Ofir Beigel answered 3 years ago

I think you’ve copied the wrong response or they accidentally responded to a different question. In any case you won’t be able to see your BCH balance if you transfer your Bitcoins now to a BCH wallet.
The only way to get your BCH balance is if you had the private keys to your BTC before August 1st. Since Coinbase doesn’t give you access to your private key you can’t really claim you BCH now.
However, Coinbase said they will start supporting BCH from January 2018 and will probably (not sure though) give people the BCH balance they should have had during the fork.
Hope this helped.

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