Delayed transactions

Franklyn asked 2 years ago

Hello Sir,
I made a transfer of $63 BTC or so from my blockchain wallet to my Bitfinex account dated 21st Feb. 2017. I got no choice than to wait for good two working days, so unfortunate the money wasn’t credited to the destination but instead it returned to my blockchain wallet. But after an hour I noticed that automatic resent the fund to my Bitfinex account which is still pending over 1hour right now.
This is so disgI hope this doesn’t take longeusting and uncomfortable for me.
I hope my money won’tget lost this time around and I just hope the fund which was automatically resent today by will be confirmed into my Bitfinex Account without further delays!
Pls I need your kind and urgent advice.
The Transaction ID is :


Franklyn replied 2 years ago

Okay got it. I’m using Android phone so I’ll give a try to the MyCelium to see how it goes and then give you a feedback.
Thank you very much!



Ofir Beigel replied 2 years ago

If you’re using Android – Go with MyCelium you should be fine. It’s not that complicated.
If you’re using iPhone – Go with Breadwallet

The application you’ve mentioned is for business owners, not for individual users.

Franklyn replied 2 years ago

Hi Sir,

Thanks so very much for your restless and optimistic support so far.
I just heard of “Blockchain Merchant Android Application”, could that also be what I’m looking for as other genuine wallet in performing my transactions?
Perhaps, I was reviewing the “MyCelium” which you recomended to me here and I saw that it’s
Overall Rating is = 90%,
The Privacy and Security = Good and
Newbie friendly is = Nil.
I want to know Sir, as I’m a newbie to the said MyCelium, how do I use it for my bitcoin transactions and how does it works?
Looking forward to your kind response and support.

Sincerely yours,


Ofir Beigel replied 2 years ago

Try using MyCelium or Breadwallet

Franklyn replied 2 years ago

Hello Sir,

According to your advice to me here; (“ usually has a lot of issues with fees, perhaps you should use another wallet for these transactions.”

Which other wallet for transactions should I be using?
I look forward to your kind support.



Ofir Beigel replied 2 years ago

Just make sure that you have “dynamic fees” in use when sending (I think it’s under the “advanced” tab). Also, usually has a lot of issues with fees, perhaps you should use another wallet for these transactions.

Franklyn replied 2 years ago

Hello Sir,
Thanks so much for your kind and urgent assistance. Obviously the transaction has been confirmed and my Bitfinex account credited with the fund.
Now how do I know exactly the size of the fund I wil be sending from my account in order to calculate and add the necessary miner’s (transaction) fee for a faster transaction?
Since the size is not always stated in the order box when sending therein.
I look forward to your positive asistance.


1 Answers
Ofir Beigel answered 2 years ago

it seems that you sent money without sufficient fees and now it’s sort of stuck in a loop. I suggest first of all reading this post about the amount of fees you’ll need to add to a transaction. should have a dynamic fee structure that automatically adds the required fee unless you disabled it. According to this page – your transaction should eventually go through (but it will take up to 1020 minutes). So I’d check back again later.

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