Crystafox miners scam or legit?

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersCategory: General questionsCrystafox miners scam or legit?
Paul asked 1 year ago

My friend introduced me to crystafox mining on they promise about 120% monthly interest.I want to know if its genuine

Samuel replied 8 months ago

Don’t invest oooooo, they are criminals, they will log u out after you have invested.they Dupe
2.3btc .Run !!!

Sumit kumar replied 9 months ago

They are cheaters… trap you in such a way that u need to pay more n more but u cant trust on them… i invested 1.25 btc as per them but they have come with new thing as card deposit of 1btc. I want to ask if i need to deposit money in my card why i cant do it later? Y didnt they told in begining about how much i need to have btc… but actually they are cheaters inspite of my so many mail they didny refund my money or activated my account n kept my money n blocked my id….

neelima replied 10 months ago

crystafox is again doing cheating for the first day of my investment they not give me any withdraw and force me to deposit more bit coin how can I faith they changed u r wallet adders and withdraw u r amount and lock wrong adders in u r withdrawal wallet any buddy suggest me were I complaint it pls help me

neelima replied 10 months ago

they change your wallet add and withdraw you bit coin and conferm it if u want withdraw then decline it and not response u r support letter its FRUD AND HACKERS TEEM BE SAFE

Erica replied 10 months ago

I am getting my payouts from from Crystafox. Its a 100% legit company for bitcoin mining.

Hi replied 1 year ago

It’s scamed site it’s change the website they r scamer stay away from it before they have different websites

Kokoro replied 1 year ago

This site is a very big scam….. It stopped paying investors…..after they got huge investment in Btc……Please stay clear

Kokoro replied 1 year ago

Its real I have earned many Bitcoin from it

1 Answers
Ofir Beigel answered 1 year ago

Hey Paul, off the the top of my head I’d say they’re a scam, but I can’t know for sure. Please use the Bitcoin scam test in order to figure out a more detailed answer.

Ampon replied 6 months ago

I deposit 32 btc in crystafox month 4 and to date my funds have not been returned by them crystafox has tricked me to date their web address account can not open I am very sorry to trust my sponsor to make a deposit there ….

markson replied 11 months ago

crystafox is the biggest of all intelligent scams ever..steer clear before the scam virus affects you like it did to so many of us…..

paul Ajonye replied 1 year ago

trade carefully on cystafox is not 100% safe …I Invested in it too detail about it here..

benson replied 1 year ago



Kpokiri replied 1 year ago

….Crystafox is a ponzi scam, kept pressuring participants to investvmore bitcoins. They just kept changing withdrawal policies; 5 times now in 9 days.
Lately, all withdrawal requests are declined.

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