Cryptocurrency exchanges who accept withdrawal to a Dubai bank account

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersCategory: General questionsCryptocurrency exchanges who accept withdrawal to a Dubai bank account

Kai asked 11 months ago

Do you know cryptocurrency exchanges who accept withdrawal to a Dubai bank account.
At the end I want some fiat money.

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 11 months ago

Hi Kai,
Please disregard message from sreenivasaraja if still visible, he’s a spammer / scammer.
I would recommend – I know they accept bank deposits from the UAE so it’s highly likely that they’ll allow withdrawals too. Otherwise you can check out for your region – you’ll probably be able to find people willing to buy your bitcoins and pay to your bank.

sreenivasaraja replied 11 months ago

That’s bad to say someone as scammer/spammer without knowing, helping and taking 5% is my job. So please don’t do things without knowing, it’s a question/answer platform, not who’s the better one contest. Hope you mind it!

And by the way localbitcoins in uae charge too much commission, so try to get the full concept before answering.

Steven Hay replied 11 months ago

Quick followup, see point 13. in the BitOasis FAQ as it confirms you can withdraw money to your bank account after verification:

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