Connect my existing MEW address to the Ledger Nano S

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersConnect my existing MEW address to the Ledger Nano S

Kai asked 12 months ago

How can I connect my existing MEW address to the Ledger Nano S?

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 12 months ago

Hello Kai,
There’s no way to do that and even if there was, I’d advise against it. You see, your existing MEW address has been stored on your PC (or other device). That’s not a perfectly secure storage environment – see the prevalence of malware or the recent Meltdown / Spectres vulnerabilities in processors for an example of why PCs aren’t very secure for privkey storage.
It’s best that you let the Nano generate a new privkey within its own hardware, as this privkey will be kept entirely on the Nano and never exposed to your PC (and thus, potentially, any attackers). My advice is to generate a new ETH privkey in the Nano wallet, then connect it and tell MEW to use that privkey when you create a new wallet. Then transfer all your old ETH and tokens to the new, Nano-connected MEW wallet.

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