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Charlie asked 2 years ago

1. I just want to buy and store bitcoin without generating private key, is it possible?
2. If someone generates the private key of their whole BTC in the form of barcode ,  stores in paper wallet, is there any chance of theft.
3. If a wallet company don’t provide private key than how to transfer my BTC to an international wallet.
4. Is a android smartphone if safe to buy BTC.

1 Answers
Zsofia Elek answered 2 years ago

Hi Charlie, you can buy Bitcoins without generating a private key in a hosted wallet, in that case wallet preserve the private key for you and you just need to login to your account using a user ID and a password in order to transact. However this is not the safest solution to store coins. Using a paper wallet in terms of barcode is definitely a safe way to store Bitcoins. You can read more about private keys in this article and bitcoin wallets in this article. We have recentry composed an article about wallets for Android phones, please check it out here these are secure solutions.

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