Zsofia Elek asked 8 months ago

Hello Ofir, 
I read your weekly online releases and have a one or two suggetions as to what we the public would like to receive in regards to our education.
Im calling you because I believe your are the most honorable trader in the market that is regularly communicating good info.
My reason to call you is that Ive been invited too take part in the Ekron-XPR swedish coin introduction in partnership with in South Africa
Im very keen be get into this new product however Im not sure of They are new in early 2017
Do you have any feedback positive or negative regarding: 
1 the potential for EKron release which I understand will be released within the month 
2 Is Coinpro exchange a truely genuine player or a ponzi
Your comments would be really appreciated as I cannot see much third party comments on the net.
Kind regards, 

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 8 months ago

Hi Cooper,
Hope you won’t mind me answering for Ofir.
I’m in South Africa too but I’ve not heard of CoinPro before… I tried going to but the site blocked me due to my IP… Which doesn’t seem right for a SAn company.
A bit of digging shows CoinPro, now BitToLearn, is a Bitcoin-based operation from the Philippines. It seems fairly Ponzi-ish from what I learnt of their system – lots of multilevel marketing and sending of money between up and down channels, the usual Ponzi stuff.
As for Ekron XPR, I couldn’t find anything about it with an online search. That is really weird if it’s some kind of ICO coin, which would be trying to get as much publicity as possible.
I don’t have the full picture here but so far this all sounds pretty sketchy to me and I’d recommend that you stay away from it.

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