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C asked 1 year ago

Hi, as always thanks in advance. Will coinomy do bitgold straight away? Will they gave 1to1 ratio? They only ever send messages saying recieved your ticket and be in touch. Everything else great really tho,now using shapeshift and changelly. Will they intergrate more exchanges do you know? Thanks alot again

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Steven Hay answered 1 year ago

Hello C,
A lot of people are asking this question in regards to SegWit2X as well as Bgold. So far Coinomi have not made any official announcement. I suggest following their subreddit at r/coinomi or their twitter account @CoinomiWallet for the latest news.
Although it’s frustrating not to have an answer yet, you can’t blame Coinomi. The delay is almost certainly down to the fact that neither S2X or BTG have confirmed replay protection on their forks. Until replay protection is a feature, it is too dangerous for wallets and exchanges to support either fork. The risk is that, without replay protection, users will try to send BTG or S2X and send Bitcoin as well. No company wants to be held liable for that sort of mistake.

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