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Sherif asked 11 months ago

Hi Ofir,

Couuld you please give an opinion and review about “Coincheck Exchange”?!


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Ofir Beigel answered 11 months ago

Hey Sherif,
I haven’t gotten around to reviewing Coincheck yet, but from what I could tell after working with the company for a bit it’s a legit exchange. However I can’t say anything regarding if it’s better or worse than other exchanges in terms of fees, support etc.

Ofir Beigel replied 11 months ago

I’m not very familiar with Ripple or any other altcoin for that matter. I deal mainly with Bitcoins. Regarding your exchange question I personally would use Kraken or Bitstamp but I haven’t tried the rest of the exchanges you’e mentioned.

Sherif replied 11 months ago

Thank you Ofir for you quick response.

Actually, I’m new in the bitcoin world, and I’m interested in the Ripple XRP. And from a look on its website I found that this coin can be traded on the following exchanges:

1- Bitstamp
2- Kraken
3- Gatehub
4- Coinone
5- Bisto
6- Coincheck
7- Korbit

So kindly I need your advise in the following questions:

1- What do you think about the ripple, and do you recommend another coin with the low price like ripple to invest in on the long run?

2- Which one of these exchanges do you recommend to use with the minimum rate and fee and specially the depositing/sending fee to a cold wallet?

Thank you very much for your help

Sherif answered 11 months ago

Thanks Ofir

Mr. Z answered 7 months ago

I’ve been contacting Coincheck customer support for almost 2 weeks but no response. Friend recommended Coincheck but bitFlyer is soooo much better customer support. When there is a problem, Cointcheck customer support will not be there for you. So I decided to use bitFlyer.

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