coinbase won’t recognize blockchain wallet

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David Lohmeier asked 3 years ago

I’m trying to transfer funds out of Coinbase and into my Blockchain wallet but when I enter the wallet id and address, I keep getting an “invalid address message”.

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Steven Hay answered 3 years ago

Hi David,
Does your Blockchain wallet address start with a 1 or a 3? If it’s a 3, then it’s a multisig address. Coinbase should support those but it’s possible they don’t. Neither Coinbase nor Blockchain support SegWit addresses at this time, which rules out SegWit addresses as an issue.
If you enter the address into Blockchain’s block explorer, does it return as valid? If valid, it will show previous transactions If any, otherwise it’ll say the address hasn’t been seen on the blockchain yet. If the address is invalid, Blockhain will return an error, in which case the most likely explanation is that you copied it wrongly.

Steven Hay replied 2 years ago

Hi Misty,

Very strange! Are you 100% sure that you’re trying to withdraw Bitcoin to a Bitcoin address? Or Ethereum to an Ethereum address, and so on, for whichever coin you’re trying to withdraw…

I looked up this issue and see a lot of other people have suffered from it. The only thing which seems to have worked for them is withdrawing the coins via the Coinbase app, rather than the site. I’m not sure what the exact problem is with the Coinbase site, but that’s a workaround you can try. Otherwise, you can contact Coinbase support and tell them to sort it out.

misty replied 2 years ago

DId you find a solution to this? I am having the same exact issue. Not sure what to do.

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