coinbase a fraud..

Peter asked 12 months ago

I had opened an account with counbase Jan 2018 itself. Bought Etherium, LTC and BTC for few thousand dollars.. After a week i rcvd the coins. Gaining confidence i bought BTC worth $5000. Then on 25th Jan i transfered LTC and BTC into my othe wallet, as BTC worth $5000 had not yet arrived. In few moments my account was disabled giving the status of “Account disabled temporarily”. Talked to support yesterday over phone after geting ther number. To my amusement i was told somebody called and said this account has been hacked, so coinbase put a temp disablment on my login. I tried to explain that no compromise has hapoened. I have user id, password and 2FA security on my account, but the guy on other end was not ready to listen. Although i m received the mail after disablement of my account that BTC worth $ 5000 has arrived in the account but m not able to login..
I like to ask them. A person has login id, password and google authenticator code. Even after that u r saying the account has been compromised ? Plz open my account., i dont need any password reset, i have everything intact.
My small son needs a transplant and i put in the money so that it will multiply by $ 1000 or $ 2000 in few weeks. I m in a fix.. Seeing my son i have nothing expect to see him dying.. I have in total invested $ 8000 in coinbase so that i may add few more thousand dollars to it. But i lost the money for treatment. Plz somebody help me for Gods sake.. I beg plz enable my account so that i can get back my money for treatment… Plz Plz Plz coinbase..

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 12 months ago

Hi Peter,
That’s a pretty shocking turn of events. I can’t help with Coinbase’s internal procedures, as those are understood and operated only by Coinbase, but what I can suggest is telling this story across all relevant social media channels.
I believe that there will be sufficient outrage generated by the fact that Coinbase is (however indirectly and inadvertently) threatening your son’s life, that Coinbase will be forced to take measures to resolve the problem. Try Reddit’s r/bitcoin, r/coinbase, r/btc, r/cryptocurrency subreddits for starters. Then go for Coinbase’s Twitter and Facebook (if they have one). Other crypto-related Twitter and Facebook pages should also work, like the BitcoinTalk forum for example.
The more people hear of your plight, the better, as the more external pressure will be brought to bear on Coinbase to fix their error. Unfortunately, it’s often necessary to cause a big uproar to get these exchanges to expedite matters. They are dealing with a staggering volume of customer issues, but they will prioritize certain tickets when they have no choice. Good luck!

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