Coin Securities

Louis feramo asked 1 year ago

Coin Securities a firm i plan to invest with seeing as it is owned by stanley druckenmiller, and have complete trust now, i’m only wondering if i have to file my tax myself or will the company handle it?

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 1 year ago

Hi Louis,
I’ve never heard of Coin Securities… How sure are you that it’s really owned by Stanley Druckenmiller? He’s not involved in anything crypto-related, as far as I can tell. Beware that it could just be a scam company using his name to gain credibility.
I searched for the site and only found links to Facebook pages by that name. There is zero chance that a legitimate investment firm wouldn’t even have a website or Wiki but only a Facebook page… I’d advise you to be very careful with this one! Dealing with the tax could be the least of your worries here.

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