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John Red asked 11 months ago


I had bitcoins in a wallet the day of the fork of btg but I never worried about claiming them. A couple of weeks ago I moved all my bitcoins to segwit wallets (of those that start with bc1) and decided to claim all possible forks. Today, I used this page to see all the airdrops and forks that I could claim with my wallets and I was surprised to realize that I can´t claim anything.

my question is: can´t I claim these forks because before doing so, I moved my bitcoins to segwit directions? i don´t know what i’m doing wrong, i tried in coinomi to restore all the wallets that I ever had even scanning the qr code but nothing.

Thanks for your help!

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Steven Hay answered 11 months ago

Hi John,
OK, so the first point is that you have to use your OLD addresses to check if you have claimable amounts. The new SegWit addresses will be blank since they were created AFTER the fork. The forkcoins are only claimable by addresses which contained a balance when the fork occurred.
The second point is that you’ll have to use your OLD privkeys (which control those old addresses) in order to claim those forks. The privkeys to your new SegWit addresses and must be kept secret as a matter of top priority. These privkeys control your current coins so keep them safe and secret!
If you’ve imported / shared the privkeys to your current wallet with any site, wallet or service, then you’re in real danger of your coins being stolen. In this case, you should move all your coins to a new wallet (ideally a hardware wallet) as soon as possible. Of course, take all necessary precautions, such as backing everything up multiple times and making sure you know exactly what you’re doing.
If all you did was enter your current ADDRESSES into btcdiv or similar sites to check their balance, then there’s no danger… It’s all about keeping your current privkeys private, addresses are meant to be shared publically if you so choose.
Do you have the addresses and privkeys of your old wallet? If so, enter those addresses into the btcdiv site and check for balances. If you see some, then I have a guide to claiming all the new forks which might help you. That should be published around Tuesday. Otherwise, we have an article up already about claiming Bgold:

How to Claim Bitcoin Gold (BTG): A Step-by-Step Guide

There’s also a guide here for claiming Bcash.

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