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alex asked 1 year ago

Hi 99, sofia, and offrir.
If I lookup a btc address on a service such as, will it show all transactions for that wallet or only those using that address?
Also, if I lookup the public key will it shows all transactions for the public key only or for the public key and all its addresses (hash 160, minikey etc?) generated from the public key?
What is the difference between hash 160 and a btc address?
If I lookup a public key for a multisig wallet how many keys do i need to lookup the balance?
Please give an accurate answer and don’t just guess. This is important for checking balances.

1 Answers
Ofir Beigel answered 1 year ago

Hey Alex, great questions:
Every public key/address is its own wallet, your “wallet application” is creating multiple addresses from a single seed and managing those together. So if you look up the address you’ll only see the BTC under that address.

hash160 is just another representation of the address. – Source
A public key is not an address – it’s something used to create your Bitcoin address and it’s dereived from you private key. When you create a transaction to your Bitocin address the public key hash is used (the had is actually the Bitcoin address).
Hash 160 and an address are actually the same info only displayed differently. A multisig wallet works the same way was far as I know.
I’m not sure how much this helps but this is the best answer I can give at the moment. Please let me know if it’s clear or are you still missing some info.

alex == replied 1 year ago

Thanks for your quick reply on my first question.

alex replied 1 year ago

Is it is true that a paper wallet has only one address and can only have one address maximum?

I want to be 100% sure when I check my balance on that the money is there. If someone were to take my private key, could they generate a new address and transfer money without me seeing it (since I only check the address WRITTEN on the paper wallet)?

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