Cex.io review and Keepkey

cryptomaniac asked 9 months ago

1) I read your review on CEX.
If you go to TRADE tab to buy crypto the fee is only i think.2%! Yup look at their fee schedule! ITs only 7% if you go to BUY/SELL tab. Don’t ask me why cuz i asked and they think buy/sell is more instant but it was pretty instant for me in TRADE many many times?!!
Has anyone had problems withdrawing there recently JUNE 2017? I just got a report from a friend they were having issues but not sure how they did it if a bank wire or ??
2) Why is there no review on KEEPKEY

1 Answers
Ofir Beigel answered 9 months ago

I think you’re correct. If you go to the trade section you are basically trading with other CEX.io users. This means that your order might not be fulfilled in full. However the fees are lower I believe. If you use CEX.io’s buying service your order will definitely be fulfilled in full but it will cost more.
We do have Keepkey review here.

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