Cellular application to store ethereum coins

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersCellular application to store ethereum coins

Win asked 12 months ago

how can i buy ethereum frm ipad bks i wanted to use exodus but ipad does not support exodus so what can i do now

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 12 months ago

Hi Win,
I recommend the MyEtherWallet.com (MEW) wallet. It runs across all iOS devices and has support for ERC-20 tokens. Note that you’ll still need to buy Ethereum from an exchange before transferring it to the MEW wallet on your iPad. Please see our Buying Guides > Buy Ethereum section for recommendations on where to buy ethers.
Here’s a guide to buying ethers:

How to Buy Ethereum – A quick start beginner’s guide

Here are some specific exchange reviews:

Best Ethereum Exchange Review and Comparison

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