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BRENT LAW asked 2 years ago

They are still not paying me out in fact they have come up with new reason other than originally stated double spend that was proven wrong, now they claim that my account is linked to other fake accounts! Which is 100% a fabrication, the only thing that has occurred is that my old roommate used to play from the same ip address and when this was discovered mos. ago we were both required to upload our IDs to have the accounts re-open which we did and continued to play and deposit thousands successfully since then, they refuse to offer any sort of proof to back up their claims, and have since blocked me from the chat room, and refuse to reply to any emails, if there is anything you can help out with here anything would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance for your time. I would be happy to forward any and all correspondence regarding this matter to back up my statements as I have been totally transparent in this whole case while they have fabricated and locked me out entirely, acting as shady as any scam operation with bitcoins I have ever come across.

Nick replied 2 years ago

Dear all,

Just to give our five cents here.

There are two reasons for you not receiving your funds, which have been explained to you, and actually to the curaçao gaming authority that declined your complaint due to the nature of your case.

First, being linked to another account here at BitStarz, and we’re not just talking the same IP here, but playing in the same browser.

Second, for providing manipulated documents to try to verify your account, which breaches the most basic of terms in any casino, including the ones at BitStarz, and nobody reasonable would bat an eye here.

Kind Regards,


1 Answers
Ofir Beigel answered 2 years ago

Hey Brent, sorry to hear about this, really.
I don’t know anyone in particular at Bitstarz other than their marketing team. I’ll try to reach out and see if anything can be done, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

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