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Daisy asked 6 months ago

Hi, I’m very new to bitcoin and need help. I opened a wallet with Coinify/ blockchain app, and subsequently deposited £50 using a debit card. The transaction was declined, so I resent it, but then my bank approved the original deposit. My bank statement shows both payments, but I only appear to have one in my wallet? After the first card deposit, blockchainapp doesn’t allow another for 7 days, so I’m worried it’s been refused or lost. However, when I click on this transaction there are two different address totalling to roughly the amount I deposited, but one is spent and not in my wallet!! Please can someone explain what’s going on and how I can get the other £50. Details below:
36JymykvnFY7XmhMxfcXocNaRpXGPeubzZ (£ 87.75
94.06 GBP @2019-06-03T23:00:59Z
– Output)
1BoZKQFUiNxoa1sdu3EduUnMUtYCxwKg5s – (Unspent) £ 41.90
1Ec9Pw6Ye2vvxkmUYqxiKfM2ZAQqUZqZdG – (Spent) £ 43.67

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 6 months ago

Hi Daisy,
Your best option is to contact the exchange’s support and explain the situation to them. It will probably help to contact your bank too, and get them to provide some statement which you can forward to the exchange.
I assume that one of the addresses you pasted belongs to you. The other is likely a change address, and belongs to the exchange. There’s no way to get the coins except if the exchange recognizes the error and sends them to you.

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