Cannot send money from blockchain info

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersCategory: QuestionsCannot send money from blockchain info

Svetlana asked 1 year ago

I have situation,I can not send the money from
Each time i do send I see this:
BitcoindException(super=com.neemre.btcdcli4j.core.BitcoindException: Error #-25: Missing inputs, code=-25)

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 1 year ago

Hi Svetlana,
Oh I see that you did open this question as an |ask me anything,” that’s good.
Like I said elsewhere on the site, if the problem doesn’t resolve soon, then you can always recover your Bitcoin by finding out your private key and then importing or (even better) sweeping that into a new wallet.
So when you created your wallet, did the site give you a bunch of random words to write down (known as a seed phrase)? Don’t tell me (or anyone) what any of the words are, but if you can tell me how many there are in total, that would be helpful. If you didn’t get any words, let me know that also.

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