Can I buy BTC without a cell phone?

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersCategory: General questionsCan I buy BTC without a cell phone?

Linda asked 2 years ago

I’ve tried opening accounts with LocalBitcoins and Coinbase but both want a cell phone number– which I don’t have–for SMS verification. Coinbase had instructions for what to do in this case, which was to download Chrome and Authy, but the BTC sites still only have one option: text message. Is it possible to buy BTC without a cell phone?

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Ofir Beigel answered 2 years ago

Hey Linda, interesting question.
I haven’t tried so myself but perhaps you can get a Skype number that allows for text messages and open an account like that. The Authy option you’ve mentioned should work (I use it personally) so it’s strange to see you can’t find that option.
I’m assuming you already read this page
Sorry I couldn’t be of anymore help.

Steven Hay replied 1 year ago

Hi Corby,

One thing I encountered recently which may be of interest is the IcyWallet, which features braille:

I realise this doesn’t help a great deal for buying Bitcoin, but at least it’s there for secure storage. There are certainly ways to buy Bitcoin which don’t require a cell phone. I would suggest that you check out more peer to peer methods, which you can likely find on LocalBitcoins.

Buying via bank transfer from another person shouldn’t require a cellphone, for example, and you’re able to negotiate the terms of your trade beforehand. You can also put in a buy offer for your chosen payment there and specify no phones. I believe this will save time otherwise spent searching for a suitable exchange.

A Bitcoin ATM or Bitcoin cash deposit could work well too. This site has an article on these cash purchase coming soon, so check that out.

Corby replied 1 year ago

Skype doesn’t allow receiving of text messages (even paid subscriptions), and I can’t sign up for any site. I don’t use Cell phones, and I am not going to buy one just to sign up for bitcoins.

Many companies discriminate against visually impaired people, Microsoft assumes you own a cell phone on its developer platform Windows Dev Center, and they don’t understand you can be a programmer and not own a cell phone.

I hate it, visually impaired people like me are discriminated against and I hate it.

Ofir Beigel replied 2 years ago

Perhaps they removed that option, however you should still be able to get text messages to a Skype number.

Linda replied 2 years ago

Thanks for the link; I had not seen that page. But when I attempted the process, ‘Phone Call’ was not displayed, as it is in your screen shot on that page. I’ll try again.

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