Can Electrum store other crypto coins

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John Howson asked 12 months ago

Can the Electrum Wallet be used to store other Crypto Coins than Bit Coin? Specifically can Club Coins be returned to the wallet after purchase of BTC (mBTC) with pounds sterling on an exchange (Bittylicious) and then BTC used to buy Club coin   on bittrex  exchange. If not . can you recommend an off line wallet I ca use to store Club Coin.

1 Answers
Zsofia Elek answered 12 months ago

Hi John,
Electrum only supports Bitcoin, although there are some version of Electrum wallet available for Litecoin and Dash, Club Coin is not supported. You can reach out to the community on social forums to see which wallets they use.

John Howson replied 12 months ago

Thanks Zsofia. I have tried Bit Club which is supposed to have started Club Coin but you have to register as a member and be sponsored to do so . I have sent an email to their support but no reply yet.

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