Buying coins other than ETh or BTC

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersBuying coins other than ETh or BTC

Ivan asked 10 months ago


I am very new to cryptocurrencies and would like to buy some of the penny coins . Question 1. Can a hardware wallet hold several crypto currencies in one wallet or do you hold them in a seperate wallet for each currency you purchase ?
Question 2. Where can I buy currencies like Ripple , steem , Maid , and ten x ?

1 Answers
Zsofia Elek answered 10 months ago

Hi Ivan,
Yes, you can store multiple altcoins in one hardware wallet.
We have an article about how to purchase Ripple. Regarding he rest of the coins, you can check the markets on Coin Market Cap which are the most liquid ones or you can reach out to the community on social media to see where are others purchasing these altcoins.

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