Buying bitcoins worth 1000 USD using a link from

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Another Ambrose asked 2 years ago

Dear 99bitcoins,
Thank you for the greta work you are doing to empower the works to know about bitcoins.

I am Ambrose Another from Uganda. Am registered with you (under email [email protected])
I have also taken lessons fromyour site about bitcoins which I successfully finished and am very grateful.

ON 25/05/2017 through your site I tried to purchase bitcoins worth 1000 USD, Your site directed me to, then directed me to I transacted, they took money from my credit card but did not credit my bitcoin wallet address.
Here are the details:

Simplex, our credit card processor, are currently under heavy load. You may experience delays of more than 48 hours in processing your payment.
Order id: BBT12350588
Date: 25 May 17, 15:06
Amount: 0.337785 BTC
Cost: 1000 USD
Status: Cancelled
Wallet: 1DTkUoKVMiZoCZZ4LtEREumJDajuLogofV

So please contact them not to tarnish your name and refund my money back to my credit card.

Thank you.


Ambrose Another

1 Answers
Ofir Beigel answered 2 years ago

Hey Ambrose, thanks so much for the compliments and sorry to hear about the issue with buying coins.
Seems like from what you’ve stated that the transaction was cancelled and the funds have probably been refunded to your card. In any case I will reach out to Coinmama as well to make sure this has actually happened.

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