Buying Bitcoin with mobile balance (phone credit)

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Vilius asked 2 years ago

Hello there!
Our company CoinGate has introduced a new way to buy bitcoins, which is by directly charging the payment to mobile or landline bill. We have partnered with an Austrian mobile payments company DaoPay to enable this service, and we already cover 18 countries across Europe and beyond (we plan to expand to over 30 countries in the next couple of months). See it here:
When we were considering the implementation of the service, our main priority was simplicity and ease of use. Therefore, buying bitcoins with mobile credit does not require registering an account or verifying identity.
Our research shows that all previous attempts to launch a service of this kind have failed, and there was no universal solution to buy bitcoins with mobile balance as of yet. We are therefore very glad to have become the first company to have this in our range of services. During the first week alone (having launched in 9 countries), we sold over 1 Bitcoin with mobile payments – we think it is a great result, since the feature is oriented towards small purchases of ~$10-$50.
We would be especially glad if you could list us among the methods to buy Bitcoin, as we see great future potential for our feature. Increasing regulations on Bitcoin make it more and more difficult to buy some coins, and we are unlikely to ever implement any verification procedures to buying Bitcoin with mobile balance.
Thanks in advance!
Vilius, BizDev @ CoinGate

john replied 2 years ago

service its not working i think you didnt talk true because i am test your service today and my friend in other country yesterday and didn’t work
so when please dont push fake service

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